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Vonne and Black Shuck by MattCarberry
Vonne and Black Shuck
My newest addition character to "Ego Shift".

I really enjoyed working on this concept, as he is a tad more simplified compared to Skully's more flashier appearance.
Vonne will be a character that will appear a bit later in the story, but plays a big role in the first arc.

The son of a ruthless and vile family crime syndicate, Vonne serves "The Boss" like a loyal Dog. But is loyalty really without question? Or is there something else from his past that reveals something greater about this particular guy...

His "Alter Ego" is the "Black Shuck". A vicious beast of a dog, revealing there is a bit of a wild side to Vonne's apparently calm demeanor.

The black shuck is an actual creature of folklore which you can find out more about in the link below!…
Bob - ReBoot! by MattCarberry
Bob - ReBoot!
I come from the net...

Loved this series as a kid...ah heck; to this DAY I still enjoy this series! It was a series that knew how to entertain and even teach kids, and I feel a lot of Canadian Animated shows could learn a lot from this show compared to today's standards.

Bob was also my most favorite of characters, I loved how he was a main character, but had a very chill and easy going personality as apposed to the overly bold heroic/macho stature that most main characters in 90's tv shows had.
Hyuuga Hinata by MattCarberry
Hyuuga Hinata
Another print for the upcoming Edmonton Comic-Con, this time Hyuuga Hinata in her Naruto Shippuden age.

I can't say I've been keeping up with the series as much lately, but I always remember her as being one of my favorite characters. She wasn't considered a prodigy like Negi, and watching her grow to becoming a stronger and more independent character made me admire her even more.

Hyuuga Hinata is property of Musashi Kishimoto.
Skull Rider - Concept by MattCarberry
Skull Rider - Concept
Here we go, the concept design for the first Alternate Ego; "Skull Rider", the inner Ego of our main hero, Skully. Based off your dark anti hero/mysterious biker dude, this guy is willing to serve Skully as her partner to the end.

For a glance of Skully, check the link below!…
Skully - Final Design by MattCarberry
Skully - Final Design
Here's a girl that's gone through quite a few changes in the past few years; Skully, a character for a comic/manga series I've had boiling in the back recesses of my mind for the past few years.
Despite all the story ideas in my head, I keep coming back to this one about her.

Not only did I create a design and look that I'm satisfied with, but I also drew in a glimpse of her "Alternate Ego", Skull Rider, A character that I also plan to flesh out more.

Here are links of Skully throughout the past two years of making her:…………
Geeezzz, sorry I haven't been updating a whole awful lot! Despite being summer, I've been going through some crap with my college, which now I've hopefully managed to get all resolved.

I will do my best to keep better track of my page here and to keep commenting and checking out everyone's awesome work! In the mean time, here are a new batch of artists everyone needs to check out!


Happy first day of spring! by DianaMaRblePELE by DianaMaRble Medusa by DianaMaRble


MAURELLO [Wx100 REQUEST] by CapnCourage RATIO [Wx100 REQUEST] by CapnCourage CATCHIN' WAVES by CapnCourage


Doggy pile by tamaraR CHilhoOd FriEnd by tamaraR Let it burn by tamaraR


''Blaze! Show me the way!'' by NestorPriest
Relegate! by NestorPriest Genesis by NestorPriest

Seriously, check these four out!

I will be updating with new content with in the next little while, also be sure to keep checking my page for all the updates regarding my upcoming series;

"Iron Hands McGee"

Design by MattCarberry

Here's a quick look at our leading lady for the series!

Iron Hands McGee - Characters by MattCarberry

Also, a small line up of some other characters as well!

Until next time, thanks for the support and see you soon!


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